Tel-Aviv and Israel Maps for Palm Pilot

Tel Aviv & Israel Maps for Palm Pilot

By Eliram Haklai

Note! This map is Postcardware, which means that if you decide to use it, you should send me a postcard.

Number of postcards received so far: 10 !!!
First postcard was sent by Gilad Liberman. Thank you.

This is a beta version of the Tel-Aviv Map (including some parts of Ramat-Gan and Giva'taim) + A simple Map of Israel

The map requires a Registered version of Handmap deluxe (or Handmap Pro)

This map also requires Hebrew (Tested with the Hebrew by Penticon)

Download Now (Version 0.9)

Please read the readme file in the download zip.


Here are some screenshots:


Israel x1

Israel x4


Tel-Aviv x1

Tel-Aviv x4

Tel-Aviv x32

Tel-Aviv Find